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Our mission is to provide safe, secure, readily available, and easy-to-use personal online health records for emergency needs and routine health care…for your peace of mind.


Safe and Secure


You maintain control of your online health record information – you enter as little or as much intoSynChart is safe and secure
it as you want. You decide who can and cannot view your private health information. Only you are able to enter or change any information into your Personal Health Record (PHR).

With your Member ID and a click of a button, your online health information (including any advanced directives you may have) can be made available to your service provider in the event of a medical emergency.

SynChart Personal Health Record (PHR) complies with all HIPAA regulations.


Readily Available


Your SynChart PHR is available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.




While SynChart is very easy to use, our demo videos walk you through the entire process of entering your information into your SynChart PHR.  You can easily print a copy of your immunization record, a listing of your prescriptions, or your entire health history to share with health service providers.  Or, they can view your online health information with our convenient online access (when you provide them with your Member ID).


Peace of Mind


SynChart is ideal for people who:

  • are responsible for childcare
  • are involved with eldercare
  • change physicians or see specialists
  • enjoy travel
  • may need emergency care
  • are active in sports
  • participate in school activities

You can feel at ease when traveling, changing physicians, or filling out medical history forms knowing that your SynChart PHR will keep all your important medical documentation in one place.


Why Use An Online PHR?


You don’t want your health care provider to spend precious minutes trying to locate necessary health care information or to track down your medical representative’s contact information. You want your health care provider to be delivering the best treatment for you that they can, in the shortest amount of time.

A faster diagnosis, with quicker treatment, can be made when emergency medical staff has access to:

SynChart can also store your important advanced directives such as:

  • living will
  • durable power of attorney for healthcare
  • your legal medical representative’s contact information

As the only personal health record you’ll ever need…
SynChart comes very affordably priced, whether as a Single Subscription for you,
or a Family Subscription (includes you and up to seven additional members). 


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