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SynChart is the only Personal Health Record (PHR) you’ll ever need…


Pioneered in 2001 by Dr. Mark Westfall, SynChart has grown from the infant stage of a PHR management system done on a home computer and synchronized with an online data base, to the present – a complete, secure, online records management system. 

As an Emergency Room and Trauma Center Physician in a busy Wisconsin hospital, Dr. Westfall was often frustrated by the lack of current, and sometimes vital, health care information on patients in his care.

Tracking down this often crucial health information can take precious minutes and can tie up emergency staff who are better utilized treating patients. 

And, sometimes those precious minutes make the difference between life and death.

With vital PHR information at their fingertips, the health service provider is able to diagnosis and treat sooner.

Security and Privacy  

Keeping your information secure and private is our number one priority.

As a product of SirkPath, Inc. (a computer software company), SynChart personal health information follows the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements, and is stored on our secure computer servers in an encrypted format.

This means the record can be viewed but not changed in any way by authorized users. The only way to change your SynChart Health Record is for you to edit it using the SynChart application.

You can opt to receive an email notification when your data is accessed by an authorized healthcare provider.

SirkPath, Inc. and SynChart personnel will NEVER sell or give your name, personal information, or health records to anyone for any purpose unless under court order, as required by Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
Extra Security  

The SynChart web site has been reviewed and approved by the following organizations:

  • Health on the Net Foundation (HON and the HONcode): HON is a non-profit foundation that provides leadership in setting ethical standards for health related web site developers. The HONcode is based on eight principles with which we comply. They are authority, complementary, confidentiality, attribution, justifiability, transparency of authorship, transparency of sponsorship and honesty in advertising and editorial policy. We encourage you to visit their site and rate our service related to these principles.

  • Thawte: Thawte is one of the leading online security services. They have verified the validity and security of our web site and our online services. Thawte security is used for all SynChart product purchases.
  • http://www.thawte.com          


Since its inception, SynChart has expanded its scope to include organizations and employers - by offering a method to maintain confidential, secure, easy-to-use, personal health records for their members. Contact Us to learn more.

  The SynChart web site does not host any form of advertising.  

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