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A Note from Dr. Westfall
Description: Dr. Mark Westfall
Through my work in a busy Emergency Room and Trauma Center, I see people every day with different illnesses and injuries.

Some are quite simple and some are life threatening, yet they all have a common thread - all visits to the ER are unplanned.

Everyone who comes to the ER has a health history. Some patients have a complex history.  With others that history is limited. But in all cases, the health history is vitally important.

Because there currently is no all-encompassing personal health record management system in place, if the patient is incapable of communicating an accurate account of their health history to ER staff, incomplete diagnoses and inaccurate treatment recommendations could be made.  In an emergency situation, patients are often too stressed to get dates of surgery and hospital admissions correct.  Or they may be incapacitated and unable to communicate their emergency health information to the ER staff.

In addition to having knowledge about every surgery or hospital admission, patients and those entrusted with their care - from family members and day care providers to coaches and camp counselors - are expected to know three crucial categories of information:

  • Medications they are taking for each condition and the dosages of each
  • Allergies to medications and the allergic reaction experienced
  • Immunizations along with dates

This is especially critical during an emergency situation. Decisions about a patient’s treatment need to be made very quickly; it is often frustrating to attending physicians when necessary emergency health information is not available to make the best decisions.

I have witnessed this situation many, many times. However, I also know from personal experience how difficult it is to remember critical health information during the stress of an emergency.  And, I have never found a way to write it down so it is organized and easy for emergency staff to access.

That is why I developed SynChart – the only personal health record management system you’ll ever need.

Take a closer look at the three crucial health information categories here.

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