Dr. Mark Westfall, creator of SynChart states…


“My motivation for developing SynChart was… I wanted to create a system to improve the care and treatment of patients, by enabling better communication with healthcare providers!”


Since its inception in 2001, SynChart has expanded its reach and capabilities to include positively impacting member organizations - by offering a method to maintain confidential, secure, easy-to-use, personal health records.

The new, current version of SynChart is totally internet-based, eliminating compatibility issues with different computer and operating systems.

Organizations can now offer their members the same convenience and peace of mind that has been a hallmark of SynChart since the beginning.


What kinds of organizations can benefit from SynChart?

School districts, individual schools, universities 

  • School nurse has access to allergy and current medications information; can add only reasons for visits to school nurse, treatments given or medications given, etc.
  • Medication, allergy and emergency contact reports can be printed for class trips
  • Emergency contacts and health history forms can be filled in easily for participation in school events that take place off campus

Manufacturing companies, large employers

  • Demographics reports can provide supporting documentation during negotiation for the best priced health insurance premiums (for the company and/or employee portions)
  • Health Nurse has immediate access to the crucial three categories when treating an employee; can only add treatment provided, medications and recommendations given

Youth Groups (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Ministry Groups, Future Farmers of American, etc.)

  • The numerous forms required can be auto-filled from SynChart
  • Create First aid/CPR training reports

Travel Agencies

  • Tour guides and emergency providers have immediate health information access whether in the United States or abroad, as long as there is an internet connection

Insurance Companies

  • Able to provide reports on health issue trends, which may indicate areas of negotiation for future contracts

What does the organization get with SynChart?

Standard Modules include:

  • Personal information
  • Emergency contact information
  • Health care provider information
  • Medical conditions       
  • Medications               
  • Allergies
  • Immunizations – both common and special (for travel or occupational positions)
  • Clinic and Hospital visits
  • Health insurance providers
  • Advanced medical directives
  • Women’s health (shows up on female charts only)

Optional Modules are based on organization’s needs, goals and preferences.

Individual health records, with photo identification, can be created and accessed online utilizing a unique member identification number and confidential password. Updates are quick and easy, eliminating the need for lengthy health history forms.


But most importantly, SynChart is always available - anytime, anywhere. SynChart improves the care and treatment of patients in the unfortunate event of a healthcare emergency - the attending physician will never lose valuable time searching for unknown health histories or the three critical pieces of health information.
SynChart provides the information needed to make the best, most efficient and patient-centered decisions possible!

Contact us today to see how SynChart can save your organization time and money!
Call us at (920) 729-9500 or email us at info at sirkpath.com
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