We Value your Privacy

SirkPath, Inc. respects your privacy and understands that it is important to you. Accordingly, we take appropriate measures to ensure that all identifying information remains confidential and secure.

Accessing this web site signifies express consent by the user and the company or organization the user represents for SirkPath, Inc. to collect, use and transfer information pursuant to this Privacy Policy. If the user does not consent to the collection, use or transfer of information, SirkPath, Inc. recommends the user not use this web site.

All of the security precautions in the world won’t protect you unless we also value your privacy. SirkPath, Inc., is committed to exceeding the highest standards for privacy in the industry.

As a result, SirkPath, Inc., Inc. and SynChart personnel will NEVER sell or give your name, personal information, or health records to anyone for any purpose (unless under court order, as required by the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act - HIPAA).

We are absolutely committed to protecting your privacy and maintaining the security of the information you place in our trust, but you don’t have to take our word it. We have submitted our web site for review by the following organizations and obtained their seal of approval.
   * Health on the Net Foundation (HON and the HONcode): HON is a non-profit foundation that provides leadership in setting ethical standards for health related web site developers. The HONcode is based on eight principles with which we comply. They are authority, complementary, confidentiality, attribution, justifiability, transparency of authorship, transparency of sponsorship and honesty in advertising and editorial policy. We encourage you to visit their site and rate our service related to these principles.
   *Thawte is one of the leading online security services. They have varied the validity and security of our web site and our online services. Thawte security is used for all SynChart product purchases.

Information Collected

NOTE: This refers only to information gathered about visits to the Synchart web site itself, not the information in your SynChart.

SirkPath, Inc. grants the user the opportunity to request information from SirkPath, Inc. by first providing SirkPath, Inc. with information. While SirkPath, Inc. may retain the information provided on SirkPath, Inc. system, it will not be disclosed to a third party without a need to know. SirkPath, Inc. will log the user’s IP address, system information, and pages visited for research and internal purposes; however, such information is not used to personally identify the user. SirkPath, Inc. may use any information gathered for research and scientific purposes. The information gathered may be shared with partners, affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, or subcontractors as needed. In the event of a merger or acquisition, SirkPath, Inc. may share the information in the course of the transaction.


The white papers, articles, case studies, press releases and all other documents contained on this web site are for informational purposes only. SirkPath, Inc. grants the user permission to use the documents provided the copyright information appear on all copies as well as the copyright notice and permission notice. The user may not post any documents from this web site on a network computer or broadcast through any media. The user may not modify the documents. Pursuant to this policy, the documents may not be used on any other web site or network computer system without express written permission from SirkPath, Inc.. Violation of this policy may result in civil and criminal penalties.

The aforementioned documents do not include the layout or design of the SirkPath, Inc. web site or any other web site owned, controlled, operated, or licensed by SirkPath, Inc.. The SirkPath, Inc. web site and its components are protected by trademark, trade dress, unfair competition, and other laws and may not be copied or replicated in whole or in part. The user may not use any logo, graphic, image, or sound from this web site without express written permission from SirkPath, Inc.
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